New Outlook on Shopping

by Julie

Cartoon lady shopping with lots of bags

When Will was a newborn, I loved spending all of our money on adorable, overpriced, incredibly soft baby clothes. (I know he really appreciated it).  A few shocking credit card statements later, I (my husband) decided to change my mentality on baby clothes. My new outlook on shopping for Will is:

1) Don’t spend more on his clothes than my own. That means no more Kissy Kissy, Hannah Anderson, and Ralph Lauren.

2) I will never again save a nice outfit for a special occasion. Before you know it, that special occasion never came, and it’s too late, because he is no longer that size.

3) I will wait until items go on sale.

You are guaranteed to find a good sale at Carters, and Old Navy. Check out Will’s latest wardrobe from Old Navy. You would never know each item cost $8.00 or less! He’ll be sporting these clothes all winter!

Where do you shop to find good deals on baby clothes?

Old Navy long-sleeve onesie

Old Navy long-sleeve striped blue onesie

Old Navy star sleeper

Old Navy gray onesie

Old Navy blue onesie, and corduroy pants

Old Navy orange striped onesie

Old Navy owl onesie