Toes and Feet Only, Please!

by Julie

baby feet drawing

One day, Billy and I were out walking around our neighborhood, when a group of 3 little girls ran up to Will yelling, “baby, baby!” They went straight for his feet and started tickling his toes. It was so cute. These little girls knew the “toes and feet only rule”.  Their parents had trained them well. On the other hand, the women at the nail salon, have never heard of this rule. Don’t get me wrong, they are super nice, and great about entertaining Will, but today went too far.

It started out slow, merely touching his hands and feet, but then…they started adjusting his helmet, putting crackers that had fallen into his stroller back into his mouth, and kissing his fingers and toes. I felt my face getting hot, and all I could muster up was, “he likes when you tickle his toes” (I’m such a wimp).

They might as well have kissed him on the lips, because his hands are constantly in his mouth. The moment we stepped out of the salon, I was wiping him down from head to toe (Billy thinks I’m crazy!). Friends and family can have at it, but I’m not cool with strangers all over my kid.

What’s your opinion on strangers touching or kissing your child? Have you ever experienced a situation where you wanted to tell a stranger, toes and feet only, please?!