Trouble Breastfeeding

by Julie

breastfeeding joke

As I mentioned in a prior post, it took me three months to feel comfortable breastfeeding. That’s a long time. I can see why many moms give-up and switch to formula after a couple months. I think those first three months would have been easier if I had taken breastfeeding 101, and if people would’ve been more honest about the painful challenges that come with nursing. If you are currently pregnant, this class would be money well spent.

Here is the best advice people gave me:

1) “Just give it two months-it gets so much easier” (sister-in-law).

2) “Breastfeeding once or twice a day is better than nothing. Don’t set a deadline for stopping” (pediatrician).

3) “Take it month by month” (lactation specialist).

4) “Not every feeding has to be a full meal, babies can snack, just like us” (lactation specialist)

The most encouraging quote from the article, Breastfeeding Concerns Common Among New Mothers, was “If we are able to provide mothers with adequate support, 95 percent of all breastfeeding problems are reversible.” Basically, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Will was drowning in my milk because I had an oversupply, the lactation specialist helped me solve this problem through repositioning and eventually my body normalized.

What problems did you experience while breastfeeding? What advice or guidance helped you work through those challenges?