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When Billy and I got married, all four of my grandparents were present, as well as Billy’s grandmother, Marmie. It was the last momentous event where all of my family was together and gathered in celebration. It was unforgettable.

Soon after, my Nana got sick, and sadly she died a year later. She would’ve loved having Will as her great-grandson, and she probably would’ve made him banana milkshakes everyday to fatten him up (that was her speciality ūüėČ ). Will was just what my family needed after losing Nana, and the excitement of his arrival kept my grandpa, Popi, smiling even after losing his wife of 65 years.

popi and Will

We recently lost Billy’s grandmother, Marmie, but we had a really special moment introducing Will to her before she passed. Will was her 27th GREAT grandchild. How amazing is that?!

marmie 2

Today, I’m lucky enough to still have 3 grandparents, which means Will is even luckier to have 3 great-grandparents! The time we all spend together is so important, although not frequent enough. Therefore, I really treasure those family gatherings when the great-grandparents are present.

grandma and Will 2

grandma and Will

Does your child have great-grandparents? How often does your little one see them? How do you make the time you have with them special?

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It’s Nice to Miss and be Missed

Will crawling

Billy was on full-time daddy duty this weekend, and despite all my doubts, he was awesome! From 8-5, on Saturday and Sunday I was at Fit4Mom training (more on that to come), and by 3:00 I was yearning for Will.

Throughout the day, my texts and phone calls to Billy were consistent and repetitive,¬†“How’s it going? Who are you with? Where are you? Are you doing something cool? I want to know what you’re doing, and who you are talking to. I want to know everything that you are doing and I don’t want you to act like I’m being annoying. I just want you to answer all of my questions”.

Why do I ask Billy 20 questions every time he “babysits” (as he likes to call it) Will? Because I’m a crazy new mom¬†I like to picture Will doing each of his daily activities. Like when he has a snack, is he wiggling his feet and panting with excitement? Or when he wakes up from his nap, is he saying, “da da da da” over and over again. As a new mom, it’s not so much that I need to know, but I want to know because it make me feel happy.

I loved coming home everyday this weekend and giving Will a big hug. It was nice to miss him, and it was nice to be missed by him (and Billy ūüôā )

How does it feel to be away from your little one?

P.S One of Billy’s take-aways from the weekend was,¬†“I think Will might be a Dennis-the-Menace type”.

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24 Hours Without Will

24 hours is nothing, right? I left Will with his dad for 2 days while I surprised one of my best friends Michelle for her 30th. It was easy peasy, (I teared up on the plane, but once the champagne started flowing I was fine) and despite my doubts, Billy handled those 48 hours like the pro that he is.

Billy sent this picture of Will and his Uncle Jack to ease my nerves while I was gone. Such responsible adults ūüėČ

Jack pretending that Will is drinking his beer

Will is going to be spending the next 24 hours with his loving grandmother, “Grammie” and grandpa Big Bear while Billy and I take a mini vacation. I’m not concerned in the least bit that Grammie can’t handle Will; she is one of 12, raised 4 kids, and has 5 grandkids with one on the way. That’s a lot of experience with children!

Grammie and Will

I’m more concerned that Will is going to be difficult. And by difficult, I mean: waking up at 5:30, (that’s always fun) crying for 20 minutes before falling asleep (it’s so hard to listen to), twisting his whole body while you try to change his diaper, and of course climbing every piece of furniture in their house.

Now, doesn’t that look like a face that wants to get into some trouble? ūüôā

Will climbing furniture

I found the article, “First Sleepover” on Parents very reassuring. The article provides a guide to help ease the nerves you experience during your first overnight sans baby.

1. Choose a familiar caregiver (grandma, aunt, regular nanny) and have them come to your house.

Check (for the most part): Grammie is babysitting, but we will be at their home. Luckily, we’ve been staying at Grammie’s all week, so Will is well-adjusted.¬†

2. Pass along the schedule, but be flexible.

Check: I wrote out a schedule for Grammie as a guide, but it changes daily and nothing about his day is set-in-stone. 

3. Travel between 4-9 months.

Check: Will turns 9 months on December 31st. 

4. Introduce the bottle a few weeks before if you are nursing.

Check: I’m no longer breastfeeding, but I did follow this guideline for my other trip.¬†

5. Don’t plan a secret escape.

Check (for the most part): We are going to say goodbye to Will, but we aren’t leaving until he goes down for his nap.¬†

6. Ditch the guilt

Check (for the most part): I feel a little guilty, but I’m not going to let it hold me back from our mini-vacation! ¬†

Have you left your little one overnight? If so, how did you prepare? Did this preparation help ease your nerves?

Thanks Grammie and B.B. !

Deck the Halls

it's the most wonderful time of the year

With Christmas just a few days away, the media, internet and retail shops are on holiday overload. My Christmas movie marathon has already included: Christmas Vacation, Four Christmases (twice), Love Actually, and Home Alone (twice). Love how these movies get me in the holiday spirit!

Billy has been playing an excess of Christmas music, and I’m starting to become the Grinch. “Alright, that’s enough with the music, Billy”. HA! Any other mothers just like peace and quiet¬†sometimes all the time?¬†

We are off to the mall to finish some last minute Christmas shopping. I think procrastinating has been a theme of mine this Christmas. Do you feel ready for Christmas?

Wish us luck tackling the retail frenzy at the mall, and here are some other Christmas things I’m loving from around the web:

Amy Poehler singing Christmas Carols. This made me laugh.

My goal for next year: pretty mantle decorations.

How to be a Jew at Christmas. A mother’s interesting perspective.

Wait until after-Christmas to buy these items.

A great combo singing All I Want for Christmas is You

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Lace Cookies from my favorite cooking website- Yum!

Apple’s Misunderstood Christmas Ad. Is it a sad or happy message?

Adorable Christmas morning Pjs

Last Minute Christmas Gifts ideas for the procrastinator (like me!)

French Country Cottage shows us how she decorated her beautiful tree.

The best smelling Christmas candle.

Christmas morning breakfast from Cooking Light.

Fun Firsts: 8 Months

Will’s latest accomplishment is pulling himself up to standing position in his crib or onto any object (even furniture with sharp corners…oh joy!). This new skill also comes with daily crash landings, but we’ve luckily avoided any and all tears thanks to our¬†trusty blue helmet.

Remember¬†this…it’s so true!

Will standing on his play table

Will’s second big accomplishment this week is crawling! This fun milestone definitely requires more of my attention, but Will is loving this new-found freedom. He’s on a daily mission to explore every dangerous crevice in our house, which has made me realize I need to do more baby-proofing!

That’s our excitement for the week in a nutshell, besides our big move, which¬†starts on Saturday! Hope you’re getting into the holiday spirit, ūüôā and here are some stories from around the web to start your weekend off right…

Adorable Girl Signs for Deaf Parents. This will warm your heart.

How cute is this little boy in his stylish outfit?

Don’t worry, no one got hurt in this video¬†of a little girls first walk on ice.

There is nothing better than a baby hysterically laughing.

City Mini make-over by the Honest Co. I’m liking the teal and gray color-scheme.

Gisele makes it look so easy.

A ten month old’s letter to Santa – a babies “real” wish list.

In case you like to shop…top baby and kids stores in Chicago.

And just because I love the Hunger Games, The Onion’s Movie Review.

Just Call Me, “Saba”


When I was 9 months pregnant, I got a call from my dad, “Hi Julie. I thought of my grandpa name…Saba”.

“What?! Is that from the Lion King or something?” I laughed.¬†He went on to explain that Saba is Hebrew for Grandpa, and he didn’t like “Poodles,” his nickname growing up, and the name I thought he should use.

“I can’t be Poodles, when Billy’s dad is Big Bear. It sounds so wimpy,” he explained.¬†As of now, he is still nameless, and I’m hoping when Will can talk he will pick his grandpa name.

How did your parents pick their grandma and grandpa name? Or did your little one pick for them?

Happy Friday from My Little Bunny!

When Billy and I sleep trained Will, we took away his pacifier with the hopes that he would suck his thumb to soothe himself. Despite all of our efforts to help him find his thumb, he never became a thumb-sucker, instead he started sucking his pointer and middle finger. And that’s how he became our little bunny.

fingers 1

fingers 2

What’s Worse: a Sick Husband or a Sick Baby?

Cartoon picture of a sick manWe spent the better part of last Wednesday in the ER because Billy’s fever was 103, and he was extremely dehydrated from a bad case of the stomach flu. After three,¬†very long days of sickness, I got to thinking, “What is worse, a sick husband or a sick baby?”

Billy was stuck in bed for 3 days, so I know he was in bad shape, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “Oh…you’re fine”. Where did my sympathy and compassion go? I think it flew out the window the second I gave birth. I now have this false image of myself as a super, strong woman who can tackle any sickness (Poor Billy).

So…What do you think? A sick husband or a sick baby? Which one is worse?

A sick husband can’t help you with the baby, in fact, they can’t even go near the baby (not by choice, of course ;)), and in some ways they become a baby!

Last week, Will was sick, and obviously I NEVER want to see my little guy suffering, but I have to admit, it was easier than this!

Fun Firsts: 7 months

Who knew riding in a shopping cart could be so much fun?! He was a little wobbly at first, but loved every second of this new experience. This picture makes me realize how big he is getting!

When did you let your little one ride in a shopping cart for the first time?

shopping cart

Happy Halloween!

We had a great start to our Halloween at Stroller Barre today! We did our best to capture the kiddos dressed up in their costumes, but trying to get four or more babies to look at the camera is just comical.

I learned a lot about Halloween costumes for kids: 1) You get what you pay for. I bought a¬†cow costume from amazon for $13, and it felt like insulation. Luckily, my sister-in-law let us borrow her son Bobby’s adorable spider costume (Thanks Molly!). ¬†2) Don’t wait until the last-minute. There was slim-pickings at Pottery barn, Buybuybaby, and Carters this week and by slim, I mean the costumes that nobody wanted. Next year I’m going to be more prepared. ūüėČ

Check out Will and his best buds: George, Jade, Harrison, Brody, and Ethan.

4 kids




group halloween