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Charts and More Charts Continued…

Each stage of  child development seems to bring a whole new series of questions and concerns. Is my child eating right, drinking right, growing right, talking right, playing right…? I know I should ask my doctor these questions first, but instead, who do I turn to? Friends, family, books, and good old trusty Google. Check out my latest questions and answers now that Will is officially a toddler.

p.s. click here to answer many of your baby questions.

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How much should my toddler be eating?

Daily toddler needs


What kinds of food should I feed my toddler?

toddler food ideas

 How much cows milk should my child be drinking per day?  

My doctor says 24 ounces, but I’ve been giving Will 18 ounces a day. This chart says 16 oz. per day, so depending on the child I would aim for 16-24 ounces a day.  How much cows milk do you give your toddler?

milk chart


How many ounces of water should my toddler drink per day? 

water consumption chart


When can I turn the car seat to forward-facing?

The website states, Keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. It’s the best way to keep him or her safe. Your child should remain in a rear-facing car seat until he or she reaches the top height or weight limit allowed by your car seat’s manufacturer. Once your child outgrows the rear-facing car seat, your child is ready to travel in a forward-facing car seat with a harness” 

Car seat regulations


How much should my toddler be sleeping?

sleep chart for toddlers


What sounds should my toddler be able to make?

Speech sound development

What are the developmental milestones for toddlers?

milestones chart

When do toddlers get their molars?

teeth chart


What signs can I start working on with my toddler to help him communicate?

sign language for babies


When is time to start thinking about potty-training? 

potty training chart 2


What immunizations will my child have in his upcoming appointments? 

immunization chart


Fun Firsts: 11 Months

Will walking with lion

Will is officially walking, and he is so proud of himself! I thought crawling was a great form of self-entertainmnet, but this has been a riot for him. He spends most of his days walking around in circles carrying various objects like his lion, a block, a sippy cup, or tupperware, and he really gets a kick out of it.

When we are in a contained space, this is wonderful, but it’s a whole new ballgame when we are out in public. Being held or riding in the shopping cart isn’t as fun as it used to be, because in Will’s mind, walking in the opposite direction of mommy is so much better. Will has a new determined independence, and all he wants to do is explore. Welcome to the toddler stage!

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Fun Firsts: 10 Months

After two botched haircuts left Will looking like Lloyd Christmas and Janet Reno, we decided it was time to call in the pros…

1st attempt:

2nd attempt:

Lesson learned: Don’t let me near a pair of scissors!

Anyway, Billy’s long-time hair stylist was kind enough to offer us a free haircut for Will anytime. We couldn’t pass that up, so last week Will finally got a much-needed haircut.

Will’s mop of hair before…

getting ready for hair cut

picture of us looking in the mirror

will and bill

She was super fast, and Will was awesome. It was seriously such a fun 1st time experience, I don’t know why we waited this long!

babies 1st hair cut

Babies first hair cut

When did your little one get his or her first professional haircut?

Creative Helmets

Even though Will is out of his helmet (Yipee!), I just had to share this fun article from the Today Show about decorating helmets. The Today Show invited parents to submit pictures of their babies looking adorable in their decorated helmets.

fixin my melon

Courtesy Christa Witmer Covert

These families used creative decorations as a way to put a positive twist on the whole helmet experience. In fact, some businesses are even making a profit out of accessorizing helmets, while other companies will donate their decorating services. Independent artists on Pinterest have even jumped on the helmet-decorating wagon.

Cute as a bug helmet

Just fixin' my flat helmet

chevron decorated helmet

under construction

Picking out Will’s helmet color and design was pretty easy. Unlike these parents, we wanted it plain and simple. The helmet becomes part of your child’s identity, and I didn’t want something that was going to distract even more from his little face.

Will in marina shirt

There is no denying the statistics, “About half of all 2-month-old babies screened in a study had flat spots on their heads”. That’s a lot of helmets, and a lot of $$$! With plagiocephaly on the rise, decorated helmets might become the next big thing for babies.

What’s your opinion on creative helmets? Decorate or not to decorate?

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Goodbye, Helmet

After five surprisingly quick months, Will is helmet-free! These are Will’s last pictures with his helmet right before we went to the doctor and found out the good news. He must have known it was coming because he was in a great mood!

Will's last helmet pic

Will smiling

And hanging out in the doctor’s lounge…

walking around the dr lounge

This was Will’s 3rd and final head scan. He was all smiles while we got him ready for the scan, but as soon as we laid him in the scanner, he panicked, screamed, and squirmed. The doctor had to retake the picture 5 times, and it took 4 people to hold him steady and distract him. In the past, this scan was never a problem, but now he knows too much.

Will right before the scan

Will getting ready for the scan

Here are the results from his last head-scan:

Final results 2

Final scan results

The red line is Will’s original head in August, and the blue line shows his new head shape today. Overall growth is 23 mm, which sounds very small, but in terms of head change is really good. Dr. Vicari said that Will’s head will continue to round out even without the helmet.

Below are some before and after pictures:

Billy and I are very happy to be able to cuddle up close with our little guy again. The helmet was so much better than I thought it would be, but I will not miss the nightly cleanings and the bonks on the head.

On the other hand, I will miss the protection the helmet provided. Even just a few hours without the helmet yesterday were eye-opening. I had to be on my toes every time he stood up on the coffee table or swung the kitchen cabinets open and closed. Goodbye, helmet…hello, bumps and bruises!

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Fun Firsts: 8 Months

Will’s latest accomplishment is pulling himself up to standing position in his crib or onto any object (even furniture with sharp corners…oh joy!). This new skill also comes with daily crash landings, but we’ve luckily avoided any and all tears thanks to our trusty blue helmet.

Remember this…it’s so true!

Will standing on his play table

Will’s second big accomplishment this week is crawling! This fun milestone definitely requires more of my attention, but Will is loving this new-found freedom. He’s on a daily mission to explore every dangerous crevice in our house, which has made me realize I need to do more baby-proofing!

That’s our excitement for the week in a nutshell, besides our big move, which starts on Saturday! Hope you’re getting into the holiday spirit, 🙂 and here are some stories from around the web to start your weekend off right…

Adorable Girl Signs for Deaf Parents. This will warm your heart.

How cute is this little boy in his stylish outfit?

Don’t worry, no one got hurt in this video of a little girls first walk on ice.

There is nothing better than a baby hysterically laughing.

City Mini make-over by the Honest Co. I’m liking the teal and gray color-scheme.

Gisele makes it look so easy.

A ten month old’s letter to Santa – a babies “real” wish list.

In case you like to shop…top baby and kids stores in Chicago.

And just because I love the Hunger Games, The Onion’s Movie Review.

Is There a Right Time to Start a Family?

This debate seems more prevalent now than ever before: should you plan to have a family early on in life or wait until later in life? Also, is it something women can control?

Meet Cynthia…


She’s a go-getter, who’s always known she’d have a high-paying job, and she’d do whatever it takes to get there, even if it meant putting a family on hold. “It’s just for now. I’ll get married and have kids one day,” she reassures herself. Her mother had it all, big career, big family, so why couldn’t she?

Meet Josie…


She’s been married and divorced all before the age of 30, and now she is ready to be SINGLE. She’s loving her new freedom, and has made a promise to herself to never make the same mistake again. That means not settling for a guy just because he fits all of the “husband” criteria on paper. “I’ll marry again one day,” she reassures herself.

Meet Suzy…


“When I grow up, I want to be a stay-at-home mom,” she told her parents when she was 5. She has been on a mission ever since to meet the man of her dreams, settle down, buy a house, and start popping out babies. She works “for now,” but knows her true calling in life is to stay home with her kids. “There is nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom,” she reassures herself.

Meet Heather…


Why can’t she meet a man like her father? She wants someone who can take care of her, and give her all the things she’s always had in life. Some people say she’s “picky,” but she likes to think of herself as selective. She wants kids one day, but can’t seem to find “the one”. She knows her clock is ticking, (her parents remind her daily) but “there just aren’t enough good men in the city,” she reassures herself.

Meet Rachel…


Everyone loves Rachel. She has tons of friends, who constantly tell her, “any guy would be lucky to have you”. She’s been a maid-of-honor in all of her best friends weddings, but it doesn’t bother her. She’s not ready for that level of commitment, maybe she never will be. And the thought of kids really freaks her out. She likes moving to the beat of her own drum, and doesn’t want anybody to hold her back. “There is nothing wrong with not having kids,” she reassures herself.

Meet Elizabeth…


Elizabeth hears wedding bells in her future. She met the man-of-her-dreams at a coffee shop, and has been madly in love ever since. She is constantly “pinning” new ideas for her wedding, honeymoon, and baby shower, because her boyfriend is going to propose any day now. She loves kids and doesn’t put a number on how many she and “Mr. Right” will have. “Once I’m married and have kids, then I’ll really be happy,” she reassures herself.

These women are all FICTIONAL characters with HYPOTHETICAL situations. OBVIOUSLY, the whole female population does not fit into these six personas, but I’m sure bits and pieces remind you of someone you know or yourself (I was definitely a combo of a few before I married Billy). And who’s to say one woman is living her life the right way and one woman is living her life the wrong way?

Which woman do you associate with the most? Do you think it’s better to have a child early on or later in life? And can a woman really plan out her future, her husband, and her kids? (We sure like to try 😉 )

(Pictures by mallword.me)

Charts and More Charts

Reading a baby book is not the most thrilling thing. The author usually spends a whole chapter explaining his philosophy on child rearing, then another providing scientific evidence to back his belief, and another listing numerous examples of families who have benefited from his method. Jeez. JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO, AND MAKE IT EASY!

That is the purpose of this blog post. To answer all of the questions I’m constantly asking myself, my family, my friends, and my doctor. I hope you find these charts helpful! (Click on each chart to enlarge)

P.S Every child is different. Some of these charts may not apply to your baby or your parenting style. For me, the napping chart says Will should be at 2 naps a day, but he likes his naps (just like his daddy!).

How much should my child be sleeping? 

sleep chart

How many naps should my child take a day? 



How many feedings should I do per day and how often? 

milk feedings


How much formula or breast milk should I feed my baby? 

amount per feeding

What solid foods are age appropriate? 

feeding chart


How much Tylenol can my baby take when he is sick or teething? 

What vaccinations does my child need, and when will he receive them? 


What should my child be able to do by this age? 


Helmet Update

Yesterday, we visited Dr. Vacari for our 2nd head scan. Will has been in the helmet just over two months, and it was time to see how much progress he has made!

Here is a funny picture of Will before they put him through the Star Scanner. He looks so tough!

head 1

head 2


The image below shows a birds-eye-view of Will’s head. The red circle represents his head before the helmet, and the blue circle shows the progress or growth he has made. As you can see, the front, back and sides of Will’s head are all changing shape and growing. Yippee!


head 2

Although Will has made good progress, he still has 6-8 more weeks in the helmet (I was really hoping for a helmet-free Thanksgiving). Luckily, Will is definitely going to have his helmet off by Christmas, so we can take lots of cute pictures with his newly sculpted head! 🙂

Fun Firsts: 7 months

Who knew riding in a shopping cart could be so much fun?! He was a little wobbly at first, but loved every second of this new experience. This picture makes me realize how big he is getting!

When did you let your little one ride in a shopping cart for the first time?

shopping cart