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It’s Your Turn

snoopy cartoon

“It’s your turn”. You are either saying it, thinking it or praying for it when your little one wakes you up at the crack of dawn. Every morning, it feels like I’m back in middle school, begging my mom, “just five more minutes, please“. Your bed takes on a whole new level of comfort, and you yearn for your warm covers the second you hear, “ba ba ba, da da da”.

5 more minutes snoopy cartoon

Billy and I go back and forth about how to split up the morning shift. We’ve tried alternating days, week vs weekend, ignoring the sounds in hopes that they will turn back into blissful sleep, but we keep sliding back into the same routine. I feed and change Will at 5:30 a.m (when is he going to outgrow this phase?!) and then put him back to sleep. I then crawl in bed, cross my fingers, and pray that he lays down and closes his eyes. Sometimes, he gives us the gift of falling back asleep until 7:30, but other times he cat-naps until 6:00 a.m. Either way, that second wake-up time has become Billy’s shift.

If you are a stay-at-home-mom, like me, many people would say, (and Billy might agree) that the husband shouldn’t take a morning shift because he has to go to work all day. My argument is that it is the only time of day when he can spend quality time with his son (It totally works 😉 ).

Who wakes up with your little one in the morning? How do you split up the morning shift if one parent works? How do you split up the morning shift if both parents work?

P.S. This is me every night at 8:30…

snoopy sleeping cartoon


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Super Bowl Highlights

This post has nothing to do with the actual game. To be completely honest, the only time I looked up at the TV was to check out the commercials and the half-time show. Whoops!

Anyway, I’ve always been the watery-eye type, and some of these commercials really did it for me. Here are my commercial picks to make you smile, warm your heart, or possibly make you shed a tear:

Budweiser Superbowl Commercial – “A Hero’s Welcome”

budweiser commercial 2014

Cheerios Game Day Ad – “Gracie”

Cheerio superbowl ad 2014

Budweiser Superbowl Commercial – “Puppy Love”

Budweiser superbowl ad 2014

Despite all of the sentimental commercials above, my all-time favorite had to have been the Bud Light commercial: “Ian Up for Whatever”

Bud Light Super Bowl Ad 2014

And of course the Bruno Mars half-time show with the children singing at the beginning and the soldiers tribute was awesome! I’m a sucker for kids and anything patriotic, so I loved this.

Bruno Mars halftime show 2014

This was our first Superbowl with child, and it was pretty funny. Billy was trying to focus on the game, while Will was banging on his light-up, song-playing walker. Billy must have asked me 3 times, “Is it bedtime, yet?”

How was your Super Bowl experience with your little ones? What were your favorite Super Bowl moments?

Got Milk?

Two months ago, when I was breastfeeding, this was me…
boobsOk, not exactly, but things were looking pretty good in that department, until I stopped nursing. I’m not going to go into much detail, so as not to embarrass my husband, but…

Now this is me…

olive oyl 2

Anyone else experience this unwanted transformation?

Nurses Bladder

pee cartoon

Will and I braved the cold yesterday at 3:00 to visit our best bud, Jen, and check out her new house. Right before I walked out of the door, I thought to myself, “I have to pee, but Will and I are both in our snowsuits with 3 layers underneath, so I’ll just go at Jen’s”.

Around 7:00 p.m, while I was reheating our pre-made dinner, I remembered that I never took that pee at Jen’s house, and I should probably go! Four hours is pretty long to hold it, and this is not the first time this has happened. In fact, it’s become a daily bad habit.

My mom likes to joke and call it nurses bladder, which to my surprise is actually a medical condition called Infrequent Voiding Syndrome. The syndrome occurs when people ignore the urge to pee over many years. The craziest thing about IVS is your bladder stretches and can sometimes hold up to 1,000 ml of urine, that is the same size as one of those large liters of Smart Water!

smart water

Obviously, I’m in no danger of getting this syndrome, but as my husband said, “it can’t be good for you to hold it that long”. Any other mothers experiencing “nurses bladder”?

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Funny Things Other People Say

To continue with our “Funny Sayings” theme, here is a list of things I’ve heard more than once from friends, family but most of all…random strangers.

1) “Hang in there. It gets better”. Really? because it feels like I’m going to be stuck in the sleepless abyss forever.

cartoon of a cat hanging on a branch

2) “This…is what you have to look forward to,” says every parent dealing with an unruly child, while you hold your sleeping newborn.

kids fighting cartoon

3) “I wish I would’ve had more kids,” says every parent with grown children who take care of themselves and no longer live at home.

The Old Woman in the Shoe

4) “Enjoy that age while you can…they grow up so fast,” says every parent with a middle schooler (worst age to be a parent, in my teacher opinion).

middle school drama joke

5) “He’s so easy”. Yes, for the 30 minutes you saw him he was an angel. The other 23 1/2 hours he is a Tasmanian Devil.

Baby Taz drawing

6) “He looks likes just like you or he looks just like his daddy” I could care less who he looks like, but Billy really wants Will to look like a Cassin. I think it’s a guy thing. This is Billy’s reasoning, “You gave birth to him, so everyone knows he’s yours”. Below is a picture of me as a baby next to Will. What do you think?

Will and Mommy picture

What funny things do people constantly say to you now that you are a mom? I’d love to hear your list!

Funny Things New Moms Say

I was inspired by this hilarious YouTube video to come up with my own list of funny things new moms say. Are you guilty of a few?

1) “Shhh…you’re going to wake him”. My whole body tenses up the second Billy decides to walk around during nap time. C-R-E-A-K goes every wooden floor board in our 1930s apartment.

shh...you'll wake him

2) “I’ll just do it”. It usually goes something like this – Me: Honey, will you change Will’s poopy diaper? Billy: Yeah, on the commercial. Me: I’ll just do it (super mom! ).


3) “He’s just going through a phase.” It’s a close call, but I might use this as much as the teething excuse to explain Will’s behavior. “He’ll outgrow it, right?” I ask every friend and family member hoping for some comforting reassurance.


4) What’s wrong?  Why do we even ask our child this question? It’s like asking a dog, “why do you bark?” Obviously, both the dog and baby want something, but they can’t talk! and why does everyone else ask us, “What’s wrong with your little guy?” Well…since I’m a mind-reader, he’s upset that Tommy took his toy, and he’s been constipated for days.

what's wrong?

5) “He didn’t sleep last night.” This is always an exaggeration, but when you are waking up 4 times a night it starts to feel that way and unfortunately you start to look that way. I don’t miss this “phase” at all thanks to this.


6) “We’re having one of those days”.  I probably say this a couple of  times a week, which basically takes away the legitimacy of the excuse.

bad day

7) “He’s such a boy.” Now, this is a complete generalization, but I still throw it out there whenever Will is wrestling his toys, smashing his food in between his fingers, or climbing our coffee table.


8) “He’s off his schedule”. As new moms, we OBSESS over the “eat, play, sleep” schedule. The second our child gets sick, or we are traveling, we quickly announce to everyone that is around, “He’s off his schedule!” Phew. Now we’re covered in case our child decides to have a meltdown.


9) “Daddy, it’s your turn”. I guess we think that if we put the word “daddy” in there it makes it sound more sweet, so they’ll come faster.

it's yoru turn

Any of these sound familiar? What do you hear yourself constantly saying as a new mom ? I’d love to hear your list!

Just Call Me, “Saba”


When I was 9 months pregnant, I got a call from my dad, “Hi Julie. I thought of my grandpa name…Saba”.

“What?! Is that from the Lion King or something?” I laughed. He went on to explain that Saba is Hebrew for Grandpa, and he didn’t like “Poodles,” his nickname growing up, and the name I thought he should use.

“I can’t be Poodles, when Billy’s dad is Big Bear. It sounds so wimpy,” he explained. As of now, he is still nameless, and I’m hoping when Will can talk he will pick his grandpa name.

How did your parents pick their grandma and grandpa name? Or did your little one pick for them?

What’s Worse: a Sick Husband or a Sick Baby?

Cartoon picture of a sick manWe spent the better part of last Wednesday in the ER because Billy’s fever was 103, and he was extremely dehydrated from a bad case of the stomach flu. After three, very long days of sickness, I got to thinking, “What is worse, a sick husband or a sick baby?”

Billy was stuck in bed for 3 days, so I know he was in bad shape, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “Oh…you’re fine”. Where did my sympathy and compassion go? I think it flew out the window the second I gave birth. I now have this false image of myself as a super, strong woman who can tackle any sickness (Poor Billy).

So…What do you think? A sick husband or a sick baby? Which one is worse?

A sick husband can’t help you with the baby, in fact, they can’t even go near the baby (not by choice, of course ;)), and in some ways they become a baby!

Last week, Will was sick, and obviously I NEVER want to see my little guy suffering, but I have to admit, it was easier than this!

Toes and Feet Only, Please!

baby feet drawing

One day, Billy and I were out walking around our neighborhood, when a group of 3 little girls ran up to Will yelling, “baby, baby!” They went straight for his feet and started tickling his toes. It was so cute. These little girls knew the “toes and feet only rule”.  Their parents had trained them well. On the other hand, the women at the nail salon, have never heard of this rule. Don’t get me wrong, they are super nice, and great about entertaining Will, but today went too far.

It started out slow, merely touching his hands and feet, but then…they started adjusting his helmet, putting crackers that had fallen into his stroller back into his mouth, and kissing his fingers and toes. I felt my face getting hot, and all I could muster up was, “he likes when you tickle his toes” (I’m such a wimp).

They might as well have kissed him on the lips, because his hands are constantly in his mouth. The moment we stepped out of the salon, I was wiping him down from head to toe (Billy thinks I’m crazy!). Friends and family can have at it, but I’m not cool with strangers all over my kid.

What’s your opinion on strangers touching or kissing your child? Have you ever experienced a situation where you wanted to tell a stranger, toes and feet only, please?!

He’s Escaping!


No, not Will…my husband! Lately, I’m getting the impression that Billy is trying to rush off to work. I don’t know why he would want to get away from a fussy, whiny, sick baby?

“I need to get in the shower,” he said to me this morning.

“But it’s only 6:15? You normally don’t shower until 7:00,” I said suspiciously.

“Well…Will won’t stop fussing,” he responded, as he handed him over.

“Yes, I know. I’m with him all day!” I snapped.

Do you ever get the feeling that your husband is rushing off to work? Especially, when you have a sick baby at home?