NYC Recap

by Julie

I was pretty optimistic when we were planning our NYC vacation. In reality, we were only able to see 2/5 of the places I wanted to visit with Will: Central Park and FAO Swartz. We split our time Saturday between Nolita and the West Village, and caught some of the marathon Sunday in Central Park.

The craziest/scariest things we did with Will were taking the subway from Grand Central Station, and riding in taxis without a car seat. I reminded every cab driver, “please drive carefully, we have a baby in the back,” and they chose to ignore me and drive like MANIACS every time!

The most challenging part of the trip was Saturday night. Security came to our room at 1 a.m because Will had been crying for an hour and they were getting multiple complaints. The security guard said he hated to knock, but it was protocol. Will finally fell asleep at 1:30 a.m, but four hours later, he was wide awake (!) and Billy and I were delirious. It’s funny now, but it was horrible at the time!

The lack of sleep was definitely worth the trip. We had a babysitter both nights (Thanks, Maggie and Anne!), so we were able to meet up with friends and wander around the East Village, and the Meat Packing District. The trip was the perfect combo of baby time during the day, and adult time at night.

Have you experienced NYC with a baby? How was it?

three cool buildings in the East Village, NYC

Grand Central Station, NYC

Central Park, NYC

FAO Swartz, NYC

Cafe Cluny in the East Village, NYC

Riding in a NYC cab with a baby


Family picture in Central Park