Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Julie

1) Bag O’ Books by DaddyScrubs– this cute bag includes 6 books for dad and child to read together, plus a guide to being a new parent. 2) Coffee Mug, $12.99 – I know it’s a little cheesy, but ever since Will was born, Billy has been asking me for a “Dad” coffee mug. 3) Me and You Picture Frame, $45.00 – How adorable would a father/son or daughter picture look in this reclaimed, royal blue, wooden frame from shoponelove? 4) I Love My Daddy Onesie, $13.50 – Choose from a variety of cute onesies from Baby Onesies by Nany. 5) Your Red Shoes by John Hutton & Illustrated by Leah Busch (my cousin!) $17.99 – a beautiful picture book about the special moments shared between a father and child, especially a daughter. 6) Daddy’s Lil Dude T-shirt by Trendy Treehouse, $20 – We picked up one of these t-shirts from a kid’s boutique in Chicago, but you can buy them online. For the girls, they have “Daddy’s Lil Cutie”.

What are your gift ideas for Father’s Day?