by Julie

When Billy and I got married, all four of my grandparents were present, as well as Billy’s grandmother, Marmie. It was the last momentous event where all of my family was together and gathered in celebration. It was unforgettable.

Soon after, my Nana got sick, and sadly she died a year later. She would’ve loved having Will as her great-grandson, and she probably would’ve made him banana milkshakes everyday to fatten him up (that was her speciality 😉 ). Will was just what my family needed after losing Nana, and the excitement of his arrival kept my grandpa, Popi, smiling even after losing his wife of 65 years.

popi and Will

We recently lost Billy’s grandmother, Marmie, but we had a really special moment introducing Will to her before she passed. Will was her 27th GREAT grandchild. How amazing is that?!

marmie 2

Today, I’m lucky enough to still have 3 grandparents, which means Will is even luckier to have 3 great-grandparents! The time we all spend together is so important, although not frequent enough. Therefore, I really treasure those family gatherings when the great-grandparents are present.

grandma and Will 2

grandma and Will

Does your child have great-grandparents? How often does your little one see them? How do you make the time you have with them special?

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