Creative Helmets

by Julie

Even though Will is out of his helmet (Yipee!), I just had to share this fun article from the Today Show about decorating helmets. The Today Show invited parents to submit pictures of their babies looking adorable in their decorated helmets.

fixin my melon

Courtesy Christa Witmer Covert

These families used creative decorations as a way to put a positive twist on the whole helmet experience. In fact, some businesses are even making a profit out of accessorizing helmets, while other companies will donate their decorating services. Independent artists on Pinterest have even jumped on the helmet-decorating wagon.

Cute as a bug helmet

Just fixin' my flat helmet

chevron decorated helmet

under construction

Picking out Will’s helmet color and design was pretty easy. Unlike these parents, we wanted it plain and simple. The helmet becomes part of your child’s identity, and I didn’t want something that was going to distract even more from his little face.

Will in marina shirt

There is no denying the statistics, “About half of all 2-month-old babies screened in a study had flat spots on their heads”. That’s a lot of helmets, and a lot of $$$! With plagiocephaly on the rise, decorated helmets might become the next big thing for babies.

What’s your opinion on creative helmets? Decorate or not to decorate?

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