Goodbye, Helmet

by Julie

After five surprisingly quick months, Will is helmet-free! These are Will’s last pictures with his helmet right before we went to the doctor and found out the good news. He must have known it was coming because he was in a great mood!

Will's last helmet pic

Will smiling

And hanging out in the doctor’s lounge…

walking around the dr lounge

This was Will’s 3rd and final head scan. He was all smiles while we got him ready for the scan, but as soon as we laid him in the scanner, he panicked, screamed, and squirmed. The doctor had to retake the picture 5 times, and it took 4 people to hold him steady and distract him. In the past, this scan was never a problem, but now he knows too much.

Will right before the scan

Will getting ready for the scan

Here are the results from his last head-scan:

Final results 2

Final scan results

The red line is Will’s original head in August, and the blue line shows his new head shape today. Overall growth is 23 mm, which sounds very small, but in terms of head change is really good. Dr. Vicari said that Will’s head will continue to round out even without the helmet.

Below are some before and after pictures:

Billy and I are very happy to be able to cuddle up close with our little guy again. The helmet was so much better than I thought it would be, but I will not miss the nightly cleanings and the bonks on the head.

On the other hand, I will miss the protection the helmet provided. Even just a few hours without the helmet yesterday were eye-opening. I had to be on my toes every time he stood up on the coffee table or swung the kitchen cabinets open and closed. Goodbye, helmet…hello, bumps and bruises!

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