Kid’s Island

by Julie

Kid's Island Lincoln Park

My friend, Charlotte, and I braved the cold yesterday and headed to Kid’s Island in Lincoln Park. Being that it was 5° out, we basically had the whole place to ourselves, which was great because it is a smaller than most of the play areas in the city.

A few things set this place apart from others: 1) They have an indoor sandbox 2)They serve Julius Meinl Coffee (my favorite!) 3) They have “play pals” who will engage your child in different activities around the space.

Will playing with the stroller

Not sure if Will is staring at his feet or just not feeling the car.

Will not happy about his car ride

The indoor sandbox is located behind the wooden wall, and there is a little board walk with a sink and air blower for cleaning the kids off.  The facility does an excellent job of containing the sand, and keeping it off of the carpet.

Sand box at Kid's Island

Below is one of the play pals bringing out toys for the little ones. They were great! I was able to leave Will with them for a few minutes, while I used the restroom and ordered some food.

Play Pals at Kid's Island

Charlotte’s little girl, Jade, was having a blast at the train table. How cute is that big smile?!Will and Jade

Will playing in the kitchen at Kid's IslandAfter 2 hours of non-stop play, we ate lunch from their cafe, and then played some more!

I would recommend Kid’s Island for children 5 and under. The older kids love the sand box, coloring table, and race cars, while the toddlers and babies enjoy the kitchen, train table, and interactive toys on the playmate. If you plan on giving this place a try (which I think you should!) call ahead and see how busy they are because they do turn people away if it gets too crowded.

Location: 1358 West Webster

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m-6:00 p.m

Parking: Free street parking

Price Range: $$

***** Love it

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