Bumper or No Bumper?

by Julie

bumper for crib

What is the purpose of a crib bumper? Other than preventing kids from bumping their heads, and getting their limbs caught, they also look really pretty. I think we all can agree that a crib looks cuter, and more finished, with a matching bumper, but is it worth the potential risk?

This is a personal decision, but there are an increasing number of warnings that are encouraging parents to avoid using a bumper.

Consumer Reports lists bumpers as 1 of its 13 Dangerous Baby products,  CNN’s article urges parents to get bumpers out of the crib, and the Today Show went undercover to expose what manufacturers are not telling parents about the dangers of bumpers. All of these articles suggest that besides a fitted sheet, nothing should be in the crib while your baby sleeps.

It’s hard to ignore studies like the Journal of Pediatrics, where researchers found that 27 accidental deaths of children 1 month-2 years were linked to bumpers. It’s even harder to ignore tragic stories, like Preston’s whose cause of death at 7 months old was linked to bumpers (click here to read his heartbreaking story). In 2011, Chicago took notice of these stories and statistics and banned the sale of bumpers in all retail stores, but you can still purchases bumpers online. Does your city still sell bumpers?

By no means do Billy and I follow all of the safety guidelines. For example, we still use a bumbo (on the ground), and he plays with a walker under careful supervision. My concern with bumpers is that it’s hard to control the level of safety unless you spend 24 hours staring at your child while they sleep (I may or may not have done this when Will was a newborn 😉 )

You may have noticed from my other posts, that I’m a tad paranoid, so for now I think our bumper will continue to gather dust in our closet. What’s your opinion on the topic? Bumper or no bumper?

P.S Check out this great organization that is promoting safety in the crib: Crib for Kids.

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