Play Room Toy Storage

by Julie

Will’s favorite room in our new home is his very own play room. We are about to begin a little rehab project down there, but for the time being, I’ve had fun searching for good storage units for his toys.

A couple of things I’m looking for: attractive, low (reachable), safe, open (no lids), and unisex (just in case 😉 ) Here are some of my inspirations, but not necessarily my purchases.

1) Target Threshold Round Woven Basket $29.99 2)Aqua Herringbone Woven Floor Bin $45.00 3) Half Moon Storage Basket  $80.00 4) ruelala gold and white basket  5) Jasmine Simply Home Storage Basket $32.99 

Below are some larger storage units that I’m dreaming about. You might notice that a lot of the furniture I like is from Land of Nod. I can’t help it! I would buy the whole store if I could!

Good Read Book Caddy, $149 – This color would be so fun with a pair of white bookcases. It’s the perfect height for Will to be able to pick out his favorite books.

Good read book caddy

Land of Nod Kids’ Play Table, $199 – A circular table seems so fitting for a kids play room, and this one has the added bonus of storage on the bottom.

land of nod bin table

Wall Storage for Toy Cars ( – I love this idea for storing race cars, buses, trains, and trucks. This would be perfect for Will when he gets a little older.

storage for toy race cars

Land of Nod Low Rider Bookcase, $399 – This bookcase is pricey, but it’s exactly what I’m looking for in toy storage. I love that Will can stand up and reach the shelves. Also, the white paneling in the back, and the divided shelves make it attractive, but also useful. I’m hoping this unit goes on sale!

Low rider bookcase from Land of Nod

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