I’ll Have a Club Soda with Lime

by Julie

club soda with lime

When Billy and I found out we were pregnant, I made the decision to give up everything they warn against, cold turkey. Now…that may have been a little over-cautious, but what 1st time mom isn’t?

Things I avoided completely were: alcohol, caffeine, unpasteurized soft cheeses, cold deli meat, (I microwaved it, which was disgusting!) raw eggs, raw fish/sushi, rare meat, fish containing large amounts of mercury, pepperoni, hot dogs, sprouts, and on and on…

My picky selective eating habits made it easy to avoid the majority of these foods, but the hardest things to give-up were: alcohol and caffeine (surprise, surprise). The caffeine withdraw headaches went away after a few weeks, but the alcohol cravings (particularly an ice-cold beer) remained throughout my pregnancy.

Many studies are now saying that moderate drinking during pregnancy is not harmful to the baby, and some doctors are even saying it can be beneficial to the mental health of the baby. While others, including my own doctor, believe abstinence is the best policy.

I always followed my doctors orders during pregnancy, and I figured it was only 10 months of my life. Furthermore, once I have one drink, I’m sure I’ll want another, and another, and then I’m no longer in the moderate drinking range.

What’s your opinion on drinking during pregnancy?

P.S I made a dumb mistake and drank (too much!) when I was (unknowingly) 4 weeks pregnant. I felt so guilty, but I had no idea that I was pregnant! Anyone else do the same?

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