Nipple Confusion

by Julie


I always knew I would breastfeed, and I always knew I would use a pacifier (as long as Will would take them). Day 2 in the hospital, I sent my dad and step-mom to Walgreens to pick up some pacifiers. I figured, why wait? They soothe him, and in turn, soothe me. Nipple confusion never crossed my mind, and that pacifier became Will’s best friend.

Billy and I may have become a little too dependent on it, (we stuck it in his mouth every time he made a peep) but eventually we had to say goodbye to the pacifier as part of Will’s sleep training.

I followed the same motto with bottles, and started sporadically feeding Will pumped breast milk at 2 weeks old (the lanolin cream was not enough relief from the breastfeeding pain). Neither Will’s pacifier nor the bottle ever got in the way of breastfeeding, and he easily transitioned between all three.

bottle versus breast image

I know many people who would argue that what I did was risky, and could’ve resulted in nipple confusion, but now some pediatricians are saying that pacifiers can actually aid in breastfeeding. Would you look at that?!

According to the article, No More Nipple Confusion: Study says Pacifiers may Help Breastfeeding, hospitals have been under a “pacifier lock-down” since 2010, but these strict measures have resulted in a 10% decrease in babies who are breastfed.

The bottom line is that it’s really the mother’s preference, and there are still studies to support both sides of the story. If you can exclusively breastfed that is usually the best method for you and baby, but sometimes you may need a little help from the paci or the bah bah (I know, I did!).

Did you use a pacifier or bottle while you were breastfeeding?

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