Must-Have Mondays: Ashley

by Julie

Ashley and Harrison

Today’s guest post is from my first friend at Stroller Strides, Ashley! Will and I love having play-dates with Ashley and her little cutie pie, Harrison. Ashley’s items are practical and perfect for mothers of busy babies. Check out her must-haves below: Infant bath seat

Baby Bath Seat – Harrison is a wild man in the tub so we put him in this little contraption which we call his barcalounger. We’ve used this for months because he wants to crawl around and explore the tub, and put his face in the water…which means a lot of work on our part to keep him in one spot, so this does the trick beautifully.

Handheld shower head

Hand Held Shower Head – Although we are impressed with his flexibility of bending his body flat to the ground, we really just want to keep his head above water during bath time. So we don’t fill up the bath, at all. Like the kid doesn’t sit in an inch of water. We started out just filling up a cup and pouring water on him but that proved exhausting. We finally purchased a hand held shower head and it’s made bath time so much easier. He loves the warm water pouring over him and we love how easy it is to clean him. One day he’ll graduate to a proper bath.

Homedics sound machine

Sound Machine – Everyone informed me to get a sound machine and I’m so glad I did. I don’t believe you need one with all the bells and whistles, just the white noise is all you need. Especially living in the city when you have loud neighbors above you with dogs (two in our case), daily buzzer rings from the FedEx guy who presses them all so someone will let him in, and a mom and dad who walk by your room 50 times a day. It drowns it all out.

Saucony infant sneaker

Shoes – At 6 months + and only in the winter before they can walk. Shoes before that age are so unnecessary, but Harrison learned around 6 months that he enjoys taking his socks off constantly, so shoes keep his feet nice and toasty during the winter months and socks on.

Thanks, Ashley! How funny are these three musketeers, Will, Harrison and George hanging out at one of our play dates? Love these little guys!

Will, Harrison, and George