Funny Things Other People Say

by Julie

To continue with our “Funny Sayings” theme, here is a list of things I’ve heard more than once from friends, family but most of all…random strangers.

1) “Hang in there. It gets better”. Really? because it feels like I’m going to be stuck in the sleepless abyss forever.

cartoon of a cat hanging on a branch

2) “This…is what you have to look forward to,” says every parent dealing with an unruly child, while you hold your sleeping newborn.

kids fighting cartoon

3) “I wish I would’ve had more kids,” says every parent with grown children who take care of themselves and no longer live at home.

The Old Woman in the Shoe

4) “Enjoy that age while you can…they grow up so fast,” says every parent with a middle schooler (worst age to be a parent, in my teacher opinion).

middle school drama joke

5) “He’s so easy”. Yes, for the 30 minutes you saw him he was an angel. The other 23 1/2 hours he is a Tasmanian Devil.

Baby Taz drawing

6) “He looks likes just like you or he looks just like his daddy” I could care less who he looks like, but Billy really wants Will to look like a Cassin. I think it’s a guy thing. This is Billy’s reasoning, “You gave birth to him, so everyone knows he’s yours”. Below is a picture of me as a baby next to Will. What do you think?

Will and Mommy picture

What funny things do people constantly say to you now that you are a mom? I’d love to hear your list!