Florida Recap: Part 2

by Julie

This post is about the adult version of our Florida trip, where things got a little crazy 😉 . And by crazy I mean shooting guns and staying out until 3 in the morning. What else is there to do when it’s pouring rain out?

Miami is flooding

Will was with Big Bear and Grammie, while Billy, George (Billy’s younger brother) and I road tripped down to Miami for 24 hours to visit my friends: Lara & Michelle.

Like I said, the streets of Miami were flooding, so we had to scratch our plans of laying out in the sun at South Beach all day. Instead, we had an awesome lunch at Icebox, and then headed over to our friend’s new gun range, Lock & Load Miami.

Lunch at Icebox in South Beach, Miami

I’ve never shot a gun before, so when our friends and owners, Andy and Nicole, offered all 6 of us the opportunity to try it out, my heart started racing. Billy, George, and our friend, Matt, on the other hand, were drooling with excitement.

Lock and Load Miami Menu

Lock and Load Miami guns

Lock and Load Miami

Even with the ear phones on, the sound of each gun shot was enough to make all the girls jump, and the smell of the gun powder was pungent. I’m happy to check this off my bucket list!

Lara at Lock and Load, Miami

Lock and Load Miami

After all the excitement at the gun range, the rain stopped just long enough for us to enjoy a beautiful sunset in North Beach.

Sunset in North Beach, Miami

That night, we met my cousin Melissa and her husband Sam at Katsuya, and then headed to a pool party at the SLS. Don’t ask me how, but we were able to grab a free cabana by the pool, and we felt like celebrities all night.

Dinner at Katsuya

SLS Pool Party

SLS Miami Duck

Two things I learned from our wild night out in Miami: 1) Wearing jeans is like wearing sweatpants. Every girl is in a tight mini! 2) Still water is not the same as tap water. It costs $15 a bottle, and the waitresses will take advantage of your touristy ignorance.

We did both of the things above! Oh well…

Thanks, Grammie and Big Bear for 24 hours without our little guy! We missed him, but had a blast!