Florida Recap: Part 1

by Julie

As expected, our flight to Florida was rough, in fact we were delayed an hour and didn’t end up landing until 2:00 a.m. Will woke up right as we were landing, and was happily wide awake until 3:30 a.m. I was so worried this was going to totally throw him off his schedule, but I’ve never seen the kid sleep more than he did on this trip. I guess children are more resilient than I thought?

We spent most of the trip cruising around the Gulf, swimming in the pool, and playing at the beach. Will’s stamina for spending time in the sun has definitely improved since our last trip to Florida when he was four months old.

Will playing in the sand

Will and Billy on the boat

mommy and Will in the pool

Christmas card attempt 3

Will playing with his new truck

Will had a fun first on this trip: riding in a bicycle carrier. We learned quickly that he didn’t like the bumps in the road, and attempting this before nap time was a bad idea. Other than that, he had a blast!

Will in the bicycle carrier

We spent a lot of time during our trip trying to make up for my Christmas card procrastination. I felt so guilty for slacking on Will’s first Christmas! Eventually, we just settled for a picture of Will playing at the beach.

These are all of our failed attempts at a family Christmas card. I came up with an excuse for each one: too blurry, too staged, red eyes, Will’s not smiling, and finally…my awkward bangs due to post-partum hair loss. It’s so much easier to just do a picture of your child!

family photo

Christmas card attempt 2

Christmas card attempt 3

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Check back tomorrow for Florida Recap: Part 2.