24 Hours Without Will

by Julie

24 hours is nothing, right? I left Will with his dad for 2 days while I surprised one of my best friends Michelle for her 30th. It was easy peasy, (I teared up on the plane, but once the champagne started flowing I was fine) and despite my doubts, Billy handled those 48 hours like the pro that he is.

Billy sent this picture of Will and his Uncle Jack to ease my nerves while I was gone. Such responsible adults 😉

Jack pretending that Will is drinking his beer

Will is going to be spending the next 24 hours with his loving grandmother, “Grammie” and grandpa Big Bear while Billy and I take a mini vacation. I’m not concerned in the least bit that Grammie can’t handle Will; she is one of 12, raised 4 kids, and has 5 grandkids with one on the way. That’s a lot of experience with children!

Grammie and Will

I’m more concerned that Will is going to be difficult. And by difficult, I mean: waking up at 5:30, (that’s always fun) crying for 20 minutes before falling asleep (it’s so hard to listen to), twisting his whole body while you try to change his diaper, and of course climbing every piece of furniture in their house.

Now, doesn’t that look like a face that wants to get into some trouble? 🙂

Will climbing furniture

I found the article, “First Sleepover” on Parents very reassuring. The article provides a guide to help ease the nerves you experience during your first overnight sans baby.

1. Choose a familiar caregiver (grandma, aunt, regular nanny) and have them come to your house.

Check (for the most part): Grammie is babysitting, but we will be at their home. Luckily, we’ve been staying at Grammie’s all week, so Will is well-adjusted. 

2. Pass along the schedule, but be flexible.

Check: I wrote out a schedule for Grammie as a guide, but it changes daily and nothing about his day is set-in-stone. 

3. Travel between 4-9 months.

Check: Will turns 9 months on December 31st. 

4. Introduce the bottle a few weeks before if you are nursing.

Check: I’m no longer breastfeeding, but I did follow this guideline for my other trip. 

5. Don’t plan a secret escape.

Check (for the most part): We are going to say goodbye to Will, but we aren’t leaving until he goes down for his nap. 

6. Ditch the guilt

Check (for the most part): I feel a little guilty, but I’m not going to let it hold me back from our mini-vacation!  

Have you left your little one overnight? If so, how did you prepare? Did this preparation help ease your nerves?

Thanks Grammie and B.B. !