Christmas Cards

by Julie

Anyone else experiencing Christmas card procrastination? I have a million pictures of Will, and a few pictures of us as a family, but I can’t pull the trigger. I would like to do a family picture, but as usual, I don’t like the way I look in the options we have. Also, Will is changing so much and we want a current picture.

Billy says, “you need to get over it, and just choose one”. And I agree, but I think I’d rather just delay it a little longer and do what most procrastinators do, A New Years Card!

And to put more pressure on myself…how cute are these Christmas cards?

christmas card natural pose

christmas card carrying tree

baby christmas card as a reindeer

couples christmas card

christmas card on the beach

Christmas card with fall colors

chritmas card of kids reading in bed

Christmas card in a barn

And these made me look twice…these people are CRAZY!

Christmas card gymnastics

Christmas card chaos

christmas card people with guns

Christmas card with child taped to the wall

And these are just plain funny…

Christmas card with babies crying

Christmas card with baby look up the chimney

christmas card with babies in mini car

christmas card showing two time periods

What’s your motto on holiday cards? Funny, serious, creative, crazy…? Professional photograph or home-grown? With or without parents?