Fun Firsts: 8 Months

by Julie

Will’s latest accomplishment is pulling himself up to standing position in his crib or onto any object (even furniture with sharp corners…oh joy!). This new skill also comes with daily crash landings, but we’ve luckily avoided any and all tears thanks to our trusty blue helmet.

Remember this…it’s so true!

Will standing on his play table

Will’s second big accomplishment this week is crawling! This fun milestone definitely requires more of my attention, but Will is loving this new-found freedom. He’s on a daily mission to explore every dangerous crevice in our house, which has made me realize I need to do more baby-proofing!

That’s our excitement for the week in a nutshell, besides our big move, which starts on Saturday! Hope you’re getting into the holiday spirit, 🙂 and here are some stories from around the web to start your weekend off right…

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