Is There a Right Time to Start a Family?

by Julie

This debate seems more prevalent now than ever before: should you plan to have a family early on in life or wait until later in life? Also, is it something women can control?

Meet Cynthia…


She’s a go-getter, who’s always known she’d have a high-paying job, and she’d do whatever it takes to get there, even if it meant putting a family on hold. “It’s just for now. I’ll get married and have kids one day,” she reassures herself. Her mother had it all, big career, big family, so why couldn’t she?

Meet Josie…


She’s been married and divorced all before the age of 30, and now she is ready to be SINGLE. She’s loving her new freedom, and has made a promise to herself to never make the same mistake again. That means not settling for a guy just because he fits all of the “husband” criteria on paper. “I’ll marry again one day,” she reassures herself.

Meet Suzy…


“When I grow up, I want to be a stay-at-home mom,” she told her parents when she was 5. She has been on a mission ever since to meet the man of her dreams, settle down, buy a house, and start popping out babies. She works “for now,” but knows her true calling in life is to stay home with her kids. “There is nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom,” she reassures herself.

Meet Heather…


Why can’t she meet a man like her father? She wants someone who can take care of her, and give her all the things she’s always had in life. Some people say she’s “picky,” but she likes to think of herself as selective. She wants kids one day, but can’t seem to find “the one”. She knows her clock is ticking, (her parents remind her daily) but “there just aren’t enough good men in the city,” she reassures herself.

Meet Rachel…


Everyone loves Rachel. She has tons of friends, who constantly tell her, “any guy would be lucky to have you”. She’s been a maid-of-honor in all of her best friends weddings, but it doesn’t bother her. She’s not ready for that level of commitment, maybe she never will be. And the thought of kids really freaks her out. She likes moving to the beat of her own drum, and doesn’t want anybody to hold her back. “There is nothing wrong with not having kids,” she reassures herself.

Meet Elizabeth…


Elizabeth hears wedding bells in her future. She met the man-of-her-dreams at a coffee shop, and has been madly in love ever since. She is constantly “pinning” new ideas for her wedding, honeymoon, and baby shower, because her boyfriend is going to propose any day now. She loves kids and doesn’t put a number on how many she and “Mr. Right” will have. “Once I’m married and have kids, then I’ll really be happy,” she reassures herself.

These women are all FICTIONAL characters with HYPOTHETICAL situations. OBVIOUSLY, the whole female population does not fit into these six personas, but I’m sure bits and pieces remind you of someone you know or yourself (I was definitely a combo of a few before I married Billy). And who’s to say one woman is living her life the right way and one woman is living her life the wrong way?

Which woman do you associate with the most? Do you think it’s better to have a child early on or later in life? And can a woman really plan out her future, her husband, and her kids? (We sure like to try 😉 )

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