Starting Solids

by Julie

Starting solid foods has been a process of trial-and-error. It began with mashed bananas when Will was 4 months old, and by 6 months we were trying a variety of pureed baby foods and snacks. Around 8 months, Will started to eat what we’re eating, and snack on the items below.

Here is a list of Will’s favorite pantry snacks to get you started on this fun journey. They are in the order in which we tried them.

PuffsI broke these in half  at 6 months (I was so scared of choking), by 7 months he had the hang of it and I gave them to him whole. They are great for developing fine motor skills.

Super Puffs for babies

Baby Mum-Mum – No need to fear these snacks, because they dissolve so quickly. They are a great distraction when you are out and about, and they aren’t as sticky as the Plum Little Yums. Will tried these at 6 months and still loves them!

Baby Mum-Mums

HappyYogis – These yogurt chips are also great for developing fine motor skills. Plus, it’s nice to mix it up and give them something besides carbohydrates. Will tried these for the first time at 6 months.


Sunny Days Snack Bars – I break these up into bite-size pieces and use them for breakfast when we are having a food shortage. I started this snack at 7 months.

Earth's Best Sunny Days Snack Bars

Pirates Booty – My friend, Meredith, suggested this easy snack. I still break these in half, but they are great because they dissolve quickly. I started this snack at 7 months.

White Cheddar Pirates Booty

Cheerios – I waited until Will was 8 months before trying this snack. My doctor recommends Cheerios over Puffs because they are more nutritious, but I still give him both.


Kirkland Real Sliced Fruit – My friend, Katie, introduced me to this easy on-the-go snack from Costco. It was an instant hit with Will around 8 1/2 months. I break these slices in half, but they do dissolve slowly in your mouth.

kirkland real sliced fruit

What snacks does your baby enjoy? What age did you start feeding these foods to your little one?