Will’s Wish List

by Julie

Obviously at 8 months old, Will has no idea what he wants for Christmas, but I’ve been taking mental notes about what toys interest him when we visit friends or family. Check out Will’s Wish List below!


1) Bath Squirters – Will loves bathing at my mom’s house because she has so many fun bath toys, and he has completely lost interest in the rubber ducks we have at our house. These bath squirters would make our nightly bath routine more exciting!

color wheelers

2) Color Wheelers – When Will hangs out with his cousins, ages 3-5, he is always around toy cars and trucks. He loves playing with whatever they are interested in, but sometimes those toys have tiny pieces. These little trucks from Land of Nod are safe, age-appropriate and adorable!

neo 2

3) Neo Tobbles – These stackables are so cool! This toy won the ASTRA award because of its bright colors, and unique design, which allows babies and toddlers to easily stack and knock over the pieces.


4) Sort n Tip Truck – I love this wooden truck shape sorter from Pottery Barn, and I think Will would too! The shapes may end up in Will’s mouth for a few months, but eventually this will be a very fun and educational toy.


5) Fire Engine Rocking Horse – You are probably starting to notice a theme here…lots of cars and trucks! Will loves playing on his friend Annie’s rocking horse, and this is a double-whammy because it’s also a red fire truck!


6) Boikido Bongo Drum Trio – I know this toy will probably drive me crazy, but Will loves banging on the big drum at all of the music classes, so I know he would go crazy over this toy.