by Julie

Swaddleme blankets for babies

Billy and I spent way too much time trying to learn how to swaddle when we were in the hospital. The nurses were kind enough to repeatedly demonstrate the swaddling technique, but we still were never satisfied with our own swaddles.

Despite our failed swaddling efforts, one thing stuck in our minds from our hospital stay: make the blanket EXTRA tight. “Babies like it snug as if they are in the in the womb” and “you don’t want the blanket to come unraveled because it can be a sleeping hazard”. I heard these things over and over, and they were always in the back of my mind as I wrapped Will up like a burrito during his first couple days of life.

Recently, I’ve come to learn that maybe tighter wasn’t better, and swaddling does have its risks. The Today Show article, Swaddled Babies at Greater Risk of Hip Problems, says that swaddling can cause hip dysplasia because it holds the legs firmly in place. To avoid this potential health risk, try the SwaddleMe. It provides plenty of room for the legs to move freely, and it makes for an easy transition to a sleep sack.

When we got home from the hospital, we decided to make our lives a little easier and switched right to the Summer Infant SwaddleMe.  We never touched the swaddle blanket again. For all the soon-to-be-moms out there, don’t sweat the swaddle, you can cheat like us and use the SwaddleMe. Plus, it’s the safer option!

Will swaddled in his Swaddleme blanket