Mommy and Me Yoga at Little Beans

by Julie


Looking for an intense workout? Then Mommy and Me Yoga is probably not for you. It was fun, social, safe, (somewhat clean) and a great distraction during the witching hour, but as you can see from the pictures below, there wasn’t much exercising going on.

If your child is rolling, scooting, or crawling, you’ll be lucky if you’re able to do half of the yoga moves. Luckily, the room is padded, so the kids can safely wander while you attempt to hold a downward dog position.

I would recommend this class for babies 0-5 months, because your child can stay in the baby carrier and you can take them out as your please for some of the mommy and me yoga poses.

Location: 1809 West Webster

Hours: Wednesday 3:30-4:25

Parking: Free parking lot

Price Range: $$$

*** It’s Okay





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