Must-Have Mondays-Charlotte

by Julie


Charlotte and I met through NPN, and became fast friends. Her daughter, Jade, is only a couple of days apart from Will. You might remember her as the cute little lamb from Halloween. Check out Charlotte’s must haves below: 

It’s All In the Routine

I feel my best when I have a daily routine set to guide me, so naturally, when my husband and I welcomed our sweet baby girl, Jade, into the world, getting into a routine was a goal. Jade is now seven and a half months old, and we couldn’t do without the following three things that help make our routine complete:


1)  Wubbanub

After hours of crying on Jade’s second day of life, we offered her the Soothie pacifier, the one the hospitals give you, and it instantly became her comfort.  From that moment on, we never went anywhere without several Soothies in tow…that is, until we discovered the Wubbanub.

The one problem with the Soothie was that once Jade let go of it, it went rolling and we’d go on a scavenger hunt to find it.  One time, the Soothie even rolled off our balcony, dropping thirty-five floors down, yikes!  And let’s not even get started on the middle of the night paci reinserts.  Something had to change.  And then I remembered a friend had given me a Wubbanub, which is a Soothie pacifier with a cuddly stuffed animal attached (the giraffe is our favorite!). So I went and grabbed it, gave it to Jade and have never looked back.  The scavenger hunts ended and Jade quickly learned to grab onto the giraffe to help guide the paci into her mouth.  This was a total game changer!  Now she sleeps with four Wubbanubs, and cuddles with all of them tightly. So, moral of the story, if your baby likes the Soothie, definitely get a Wubbunub…or four!

nose frida

2)   Nose Frida

The Nose Frida is light-years ahead of the nose bulb you get at the hospital.  It is a little contraption that you hold against your baby’s nostril as you suck the boogies out.  I know, I know, it sounds terribly nasty. However, there’s a little filter inside that keeps the germs and boogies far away from your mouth, so not to worry! Not only is the Nose Frida a must-have when your baby has a cold, but it’s perfect for every day nose issues too.  Those nostrils are so tiny, so if you use a tissue to get things out, it will chap your baby’s nose with how many times you have to wipe!  As for the nose bulb, I don’t think they work all that well, and they’re super dirty.  With the Nose Frida, it’s a little suck here and a little suck there, and poof, your baby’s nose is free and clear!  And as an added bonus for us clean-freak moms, you can wash the Nose Frida after each use and replace the filter to keep those little germs away. So if you don’t have one, add it to your list!


3)  Beaba Babycook

If you’ve chosen to make your own baby food, I highly recommend the Beaba Babycook.  It’s a small device that steams, blends, defrosts and reheats to aid in making homemade baby food.  I was a little intimidated when the time came to begin solids. I thought about scrapping the homemade stuff and heading to the baby aisle in Target instead. However, after I sat down to do a little research and read the Beaba Babycook instructions, I was re-motivated to get cooking!  I am well into the swing of things, and the Beaba Babycook makes the process so easy – I love it.  I use it daily to either steam and blend a new recipe, or to reheat or defrost previously made food.  And not only is it easy to use, it’s super easy to clean, which is a definite bonus. Who needs more to clean when you have a baby?!

Thanks, Charlotte! And here is a cute picture of Will playing with Charlotte at our NPN New Moms Group.