Charts and More Charts

by Julie

Reading a baby book is not the most thrilling thing. The author usually spends a whole chapter explaining his philosophy on child rearing, then another providing scientific evidence to back his belief, and another listing numerous examples of families who have benefited from his method. Jeez. JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO, AND MAKE IT EASY!

That is the purpose of this blog post. To answer all of the questions I’m constantly asking myself, my family, my friends, and my doctor. I hope you find these charts helpful! (Click on each chart to enlarge)

P.S Every child is different. Some of these charts may not apply to your baby or your parenting style. For me, the napping chart says Will should be at 2 naps a day, but he likes his naps (just like his daddy!).

How much should my child be sleeping? 

sleep chart

How many naps should my child take a day? 



How many feedings should I do per day and how often? 

milk feedings

How much formula or breast milk should I feed my baby? 

amount per feeding

What solid foods are age appropriate? 

feeding chart

How much Tylenol can my baby take when he is sick or teething? 

What vaccinations does my child need, and when will he receive them? 


What should my child be able to do by this age?