Bucktown Music

by Julie


Last Thursday evening, my friend Lindsay and I took our little ones to Kindermusik at Bucktown Music. This was Lindsay’s first music class with her 6 month old daughter, Sadie, and the two of them really enjoyed it!

We attended the Cuddle & Bounce class, taught by Patty LeClair, which was specifically for ages 0-1 years, but I would recommended waiting until your child is at least 3 months old before attending. The room was cozy, intimate, and very clean (we like clean)!

Patty has a beautiful voice, which you’d think would be a prerequisite, but I’ve been very surprised by some of the music classes I’ve attended. I liked how the class didn’t overwhelm the kids with props and instruments. The babies were given really neat looking bells, and Patty came around to each child and let them play with the wind chimes (as seen in the pictures below). Patty also read a story, and incorporated hand motions and sounds for each animal.

After class, Patty came over and formally introduced herself and told us how she got started at Bucktown Music. The owner, Jessica Solares, also introduced herself and spoke to us about membership. If I lived closer, I would sign up for this class in a heartbeat. As a bonus, they are running an enrollment special where babies under 8 months receive a Mini-Monkey membership of unlimited play for one month at the Purple Monkey.

Location: 1890 North Milwaukee Ave.

Hours: M-W at 11:30, Thursday at 5:30 and Saturday at 12

Parking: Parking meters on Milwaukee

Price Range: $$$

***** Love it