Must-Have Mondays-Meredith

by Julie


My friend, Meredith, shared three essential items that have made parenting her 10 month old son, George, a little easier. Check out her must-haves below:

formula dispenser

Oh I have so many things I never knew I would need, let alone knew existed!! 🙂 In the beginning, you really don’t need a lot at all, but I found the most helpful items to be things I needed when I was out and about with George. In order to prevent a complete breakdown while we were out I could not leave the house without a pacifier or formula.  If your baby is on formula, which mine was at 4 months, the formula container is the best.  I love the Munchkin one.  It has three sections for 6 ounces each and it has a non fuss pour.

pacifier clipIf your baby is into the pacifier the clips are SO helpful to prevent them from falling on the ground, and also when your little one gets older they can easily find their pacifier when it is clipped to them.


Now I registered for bibs for feeding, but I didn’t realize HOW MUCH babies drool especially when teething.  My child is a major over achiever when it comes to the drooling.  He is 10 months old with NO TEETH, so he is constantly drooling and has been since he was 4 months old.  We always put a bib on him.  The Circo Brand Bibs that they sell at Target in 4 or 8 packs are the best!  They don’t have cheesy designs on them and they are the perfect size.  Each baby is different which is why finding out what products work for you and your baby is a journey and process.

Thanks, Meredith! Here is a cute picture of Meredith’s adorable son, George playing with Will.