City Dwellers

by Julie

Chicago Skyline

IT’S OFFICIAL! Billy and I have finally made up our mind, and decided to stay in the city. Woohoo! My sister-in-law, in the burbs, summed it up perfectly, “You’ll get there someday,” but for now the city feels just right.

Now the big question is, what do Billy and I do on the weekends now that our house-hunting hobby is over? I’m sure you know the answer…DECORATING! (We need to find a new hobby that doesn’t require spending money).

We are excited to be working with our decorator, Michelle Sasveld, again. We used her expertise in our old apartment, specifically in the dining room, and loved the outcome!

Dining room with gallery wall of art

The second thing on my to-do list now that we are city dwellers is convince all my friends to stay in the city too! You know who you are. Don’t leave us!