Technology Overload

by Julie

Will playing with our Apple Computer

“I don’t want Will to grow up with his parent’s noses in their computers and iPhones,” Billy said as he looked up from his iPad.

I put down my iPhone feeling guilty, “I agree, let’s make an effort to cut back. Just let me finish this email first”.

Someone is trying to send me a message, because a couple of days after this conversation, my friend, Caitlin, posted the “Films for Action” clip about societies overuse of technology.

The film got me thinking about how I don’t want to miss out on Will’s milestones, because I’m too distracted by the internet. I also don’t want to miss out on conversations with my husband, because we both are absorbed in our computers. I see a “New Year’s Resolution” in my future (and Billy’s).

The film also shows the importance of living in the moment, rather than trying to capture it for social media. I’m guilty of doing this just last week for my brother-in-law, George’s birthday. I tried to photograph Will’s fascination with the lights going off, the birthday song, the cake, the candles, and sadly in doing so…I missed seeing it firsthand. We need a permanent photographer in our household!

Is your home experiencing a technology overload, like ours? Do you think your baby knows when you are “present” or distracted by the internet?