What’s Worse: a Sick Husband or a Sick Baby?

by Julie

Cartoon picture of a sick manWe spent the better part of last Wednesday in the ER because Billy’s fever was 103, and he was extremely dehydrated from a bad case of the stomach flu. After three, very long days of sickness, I got to thinking, “What is worse, a sick husband or a sick baby?”

Billy was stuck in bed for 3 days, so I know he was in bad shape, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “Oh…you’re fine”. Where did my sympathy and compassion go? I think it flew out the window the second I gave birth. I now have this false image of myself as a super, strong woman who can tackle any sickness (Poor Billy).

So…What do you think? A sick husband or a sick baby? Which one is worse?

A sick husband can’t help you with the baby, in fact, they can’t even go near the baby (not by choice, of course ;)), and in some ways they become a baby!

Last week, Will was sick, and obviously I NEVER want to see my little guy suffering, but I have to admit, it was easier than this!