I Quit

by Julie

Clear bottles with colored nipples

“I think I’m going to quit breastfeeding,” I told Billy last Monday morning.

“It’s not quitting, Julie. You have to stop eventually,” he responded.

“Yeah…I just really wanted to try for a year,” I said, feeling sorry for myself.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when Will was being fickle about breastfeeding. Then he got sick last week, lost his appetite, and breastfeeding became more of a challenge with a congested nose. I wasn’t ready to give-up, so I spent the whole week pumping. I even pumped during our trip to NYC, but I was starting to lose enthusiasm (and so was Billy).

Monday morning I tried again to nurse Will, and he cried, and squirmed, until I gave up. “That’s it” I thought to myself, “He’s over it, even though I’m not”. It was time to close that chapter of motherhood, and I needed to stop beating myself up about it. Will was 7 months old, and I had nursed longer than I ever expected.

I was already down to breastfeeding/pumping 3-4 times a day, so on Monday and Tuesday I pumped twice, Wednesday and Thursday once (I couldn’t even hug Will because I was so painfully engorged), and by Friday the breast pump was in storage.

How did you make the emotional and physical transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding?