Shhh…He’s sleeping

by Julie

baby sleeping on a moon

My mom has reminded me a few times (maybe, 20) that I need to stop being so quiet when Will is sleeping. I completely agree, but I still continue to cater to his nap schedule.

The thought of waking him up makes me do crazy things like, not flush the toilet (I know, it’s gross), confine myself to one room, whisper to Billy, and go outside to talk on the phone. We live in a one-story apartment, and we were really smart 😉 and chose to put Will in the bedroom right next to the kitchen and the bathroom. Therefore, I’m constantly walking on pins and needles around our house, which is hard when you live in an old building with creaky, wood floors. It needs to STOP, but I don’t want to risk waking him up early from a nap (can you tell how much I treasure his nap time?).

How do you handle noise during nap time?