Helmet Update

by Julie

Yesterday, we visited Dr. Vacari for our 2nd head scan. Will has been in the helmet just over two months, and it was time to see how much progress he has made!

Here is a funny picture of Will before they put him through the Star Scanner. He looks so tough!

head 1

head 2


The image below shows a birds-eye-view of Will’s head. The red circle represents his head before the helmet, and the blue circle shows the progress or growth he has made. As you can see, the front, back and sides of Will’s head are all changing shape and growing. Yippee!


head 2

Although Will has made good progress, he still has 6-8 more weeks in the helmet (I was really hoping for a helmet-free Thanksgiving). Luckily, Will is definitely going to have his helmet off by Christmas, so we can take lots of cute pictures with his newly sculpted head! 🙂