Bubble Boogers

by Julie


Add bubble boogers to the I Never Knew this Existed list. Picture this: a clear, bubble gum like bubble that is blown from your baby’s nose, and doesn’t pop until you grab it with a Boogie Wipe. If you’ve never used a Boogie Wipe before you are probably thinking, “I can’t believe they make specific wipes for boogers. What a gimmick”. Trust me, I too thought they were pointless, but Will’s little nose was getting so chapped, so I caved and bought them.

It’s funny, because last week I was patting myself on the back. Will hadn’t gotten sick, and I was attributing that to my own parenting. HA. I guess he was due for a cold, because Friday morning he woke up with very rosy cheeks (Billy said he looked like Santa Clause), a runny nose, and a slight fever.

Lucky for me, my mom decided to visit last-minute. As soon as she arrived, I was complaining, “This is horrible. How do people do this?”

She laughed, “This is nothing, Julie. You better get used to it. Babies get sick at least 6 times a year”.

To make matters worse, Billy decided to get a cold last weekend too. “Now, you can sympathize with Will,” I told him. Basically, there is no escaping it, I’ll be next, and we probably sent my mom home with a cold.

sick baby 2

By the afternoon, my mom and I were out of ideas, so I called my doctor’s office and asked what we can do to help Will. The nurse responded, “nothing really”. I think my silent reaction showed her I wasn’t satisfied with her response. She finally went on to share her “vital knowledge”: push the liquids, elevate his mattress on one side, dress him lightly, use saline drops rather than the bulb, and give him Tylenol every 4-6 hours. She did tell me something helpful, “your baby should still be eating the same amount, but it may be in smaller amounts throughout the day”.

Here is some other good “sick baby” tips I got from friends:

1) Vicks BabyRub & Steam baths (Thanks, Ashley!)

2) Sleep training goes out the window when you have a sick baby. You just have to spoil and comfort them. (Very true, Gina)

3) Chicken broth – (Good idea, Koehler, especially because Will is eating solids now)

4)Aquaphor or Vaseline for chapped noses, cheeks, and chins (Thanks, Mom : )

How do you comfort your little one when he or she is sick? What cold remedies have you discovered as a mother?