Musical Magic

by Julie

musical magic

My friend Libby, and her 2-month old son David, invited us to tag along for a free-trial class at Musical Magic. I first heard about this studio while attending a Stroller Barre class. Miss Katie, the owner, joined our class and entertained the little ones with music and puppets, while we exercised. I wish she could attend every class because she was awesome at keeping Will and the other kids distracted and happy : ) I would recommend attending Miss Katie’s class if you have the opportunity to try out Musical Magic.

Libby and I decided to try Miss Erin’s Boogyin’ Babies class on Tuesday at 11:45. The big group of moms, dads, babies, grandmas, and even uncles filled most of small carpet space in the studio. Most of the babies were around Will’s age, and there were a few crawlers. Miss Erin sat at the front of the circle and sang along to music from a keyboard. She only moved about the room when it was time to collect instruments and other props.

Will was having a rough morning because I decided to play with his nap schedule, so he was less engaged than usual, and I spent half the class feeding him a bottle. He also wants everything in his mouth, and WATCH OUT if you try to take it away from him. He was not a happy camper when we had to give back the instruments, puppets, scarves and hats. Luckily, Miss Erin, let us hold onto a few instruments until the end of class, when I could distract him with the bubble machine. He loves bubbles!

This music studio is in a prime location, so you can attend a class, and then grab a coffee with some new mommy friends!

Location: 2255 West Roscoe

Hours: Times vary depending on the day

Parking: Parking meters on Roscoe or free parking in the neighborhood until 6

Price Range: $$$

*** It’s okay

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