Name Calling

by Julie


From the time we are little girls playing house, we’ve envisioned our wedding day, and picked out our kid’s names. So, when someone comes along and tries to “steal” our name, our childhood dreams are crushed. Or at least we over-dramatize it to our husbands, “Can you believe she wants to use the name, Lily? It’s a family name for us, what significance does it have for her?!”

This is such a passive-aggressive problem among women, that it’s funny to talk about it openly. Why are women so afraid to say what’s actually on their mind, “Hey bitch, that was my name!”

And of course, there is the other end of the spectrum-someone “calls” a name you wanted to use. Should women really have “dibs” on a name? No matter how unique you think your name is, there is always another “Finn, Teddy, Paige, and Beatrice” out there.

In our situation, an acquaintance sent out an email, telling us the name of their newly born child. “Well, it looks like that name is off the table,” I told my husband. “We can still use it, we only see these people twice a year,” he responded. Like a typical girl, I convinced my husband to go with our other choice, “Will” (and I’m glad we did!)

It seems like every woman has experienced some version of this mommy drama. Did this happen to you when you were deciding on a name?