Gifted Babies

by Julie


This article on cracks me up: Is My Baby Gifted?

These are the signs you should look for:

1) Is he always ahead of the game? 

A little girl in our mommy group is Will’s age, and she is holding her own bottle, up on all fours, and slowly crawling. One of the mom’s nicknamed her , “Advanced Ava”. This little girl is definitely ahead of the game, but Will is not quite there yet.

2) Does he have a very good memory? 

I’m not sure how you can judge this one. I’m pretty sure Will knows who we are, but can he remember where he left a toy? I doubt it.

3) Is he a good problem-solver? 

He rarely has problems to solve, because we do everything for him. He does know how to grunt or whine to get what he wants. Does that count as problem-solving?

4) Does he make connections? 

Some of my 4th grade students can’t even make connections, but a 6 month old can? This is another tricky one to judge.

5) Is he particularly perceptive? 

Woohoo! He’s got this one down. Will is very perceptive of his surroundings. He likes to be involved in every conversation, and he doesn’t miss a beat.

6) Does he have trouble sleeping? 

Perfect! We can start using this excuse instead of the teething excuse:  “My child can’t sleep because his brain is over-stimulated”. Will is finally sleeping through the night, so we don’t fit in this last category.

1/6 doesn’t quite make Will gifted, but I still think he’s a pretty special little guy. Try it for yourself-how many signs of being gifted does your child show?