“He Must be Teething”

by Julie

Baby-Crying with tooth

He drools all over the place, he sucks on everything, he’s fussy, he must be teething…or maybe, he’s just a baby.

At five months old, I started using this excuse: “He’s teething, that’s why he’s whiny; he’s teething, that’s why he won’t stop crying; he’s teething, that’s why he won’t sleep; he’s teething, that’s why he’s not hungry”. Two months later, not a single tooth, not even a speck of white. My mommy friends and I laugh about this because we are all guilty of using this excuse to explain our child’s behavior.

WebMd, my trusted website for all things baby, says look for these symptoms: 

1) Fussier than usual

2) Bites on fingers and toys

3) Refuses to eat or drink

4) Drools

It’s funny, because Will does all of these things…

What has been your experience with teething? Were there any tell-tale signs that a tooth was about to emerge?