Time Limits on Jumpers, Exersaucers and Walkers?

by Julie

Should there be a time limit on the frequency and duration we put our children in these assisted parenting contraptions? I basically rotate between these three activity centers throughout the day, with the occasional visit to the play-mat, stroller and baby bjorn. Some days it makes me feel like a bad mom, other days it keeps me sane.

My biggest concern is that it will affect his ability to learn to walk correctly. I’ve heard the warnings from the doctors and physical therapist that he may learn to walk on his toes (!) if these contraptions are used, but yet I still continue to use them. Others have told me to enjoy it while I can, because once he learns to crawl, he will no longer have fun with these large toys.

What’s your opinion on the use jumpers, exersaucers and walkers? Do you use them with your children?