Babies in the Big Apple

by Julie

We are headed to New York City in November, and I’m a little intimidated to say the least. I’ve probably mentioned to my husband 100 times that, “I don’t think NYC is very baby-friendly”. He seems to disagree, so off we go. I’ve been doing some research and there are some baby-friendly spots that I think Billy and I would also enjoy.


1) FAO Schwartz-What kid doesn’t love an enormous toy store? I know it was my favorite tourist destination as a kid.  Will is turning 7 months old in November, and I think he will be fascinated by all of the commotion.

park 3

2) Central Park-I’ve visited this iconic park many times, but never paid attention to the attractions for kids. I think Will would get a kick out of a boat ride around the lake, a ride on the carousel,  or a chance to see the animals at the Central Park Zoo.

sunshine 2

3) My Little Sunshine– A cute children’s boutique that has been mentioned on many tourist websites. It’s located in the Chelsea area of Manhattan and carries a variety of fun brands for kids that you don’t normally see in Chicago. This stop would be more for me than Will.

bookstore 2

4) Books of Wonder– Another popular suggestion is this adorable book store located in Chelsea, near My Little Sunshine boutique. Will prefers to stick books in his mouth, but being an ex-teacher, this is definitely a place I want to check out.


5) Children’s Museum of Manhattan– This is more of a rainy-day activity, but you never know how the weather will be in November. Located in the Upper West Side, this museum might be just the place we need, especially if Will is crawling by then. There is a perfect exhibit called PlayWorks, for ages birth-4years, that has a soft space for crawlers.