Music Class at Bubbles

by Julie


Yesterday was our first chilly day in Chicago, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out Bubbles Academy in Lincoln Park. Will and I attended the Bubble Music Babies class, which is a 45 minute class for 1-12 month olds. Surprisingly, Will was one of the oldest babies in class. Most of the children were 2-5 months old.

The scheduled teacher was out sick, so Ms. Kim taught our class. I’ve heard she is the best, so I was happy to have her teaching. Ms. Kim incorporated a large variety of props into her class including: shakers, drums, stuffed animals, and clappers.

What sets this class apart from other music classes was the use of the guitar, parachute, and the large projection screen. The large screen is used to project the words to each song, which is helpful for a newbie like me. Will’s favorite part was definitely the bubbles that Ms. Kim blew at the beginning and end of class. A heads up for those of you planning to attend a trial class-don’t forget the free parking pass from the front desk-I ended up paying $12 to park.



bublbles 1

Location: 1504 N. Fremont

Hours: Times vary depending on the day

Parking: Parking lot across the street

Price Range: $$$$

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