City vs. Suburbs

by Julie

city vs burbs

My husband and I have gotten a reputation for being chronic house-hunters. Basically, it’s become our weekend hobby: research new listings on Redfin, check-out some open houses, and maybe put in some offers that always seems to fall through. This has been going on for over a year now.

We flip-flop between the suburbs and the city, knowing the benefits and downfalls of both, it’s hard to pull the trigger on one lifestyle. It’s also hard to get an objective opinion on each community, because Chicagoans are very protective of their city life, and suburbanites will defend the burbs to the end. “You have your whole life to live in the burbs,” and “there is nothing to do up there, ” are common refrains from city residents. From the other half, you hear, “don’t you want your kids to be able to ride their bike and play in the backyard?” and “once you have that 2nd kid, you are going to wish you were in the suburbs”.

I’d love to get your opinion on this subject. What lifestyle and community would you choose?