I Thought I Needed…

by Julie

I asked 9 close friends to tell me something they thought they needed during pregnancy or right after their little one was born, but later realized it was a waste of money.

mittens 3

1) I’ll start with my own obsession, which actually happened right after Will was born. My mom can attest to how adamant I was about preventing Will from scratching himself. Not only did I buy 10 newborn outfits with hand-covers, which he outgrew in a week, but I also purchased packs of individual hand-covers/mittens that I never used.


2) “I’d say the item that was a total waste  of money was a baby food maker.  Connor isn’t even eating food yet, but I know I will have absolutely no time to be peeling, steaming, and pureeing fruits and veggies after a full day of work! I actually looked for the receipt to return it, but couldn’t find it. Luckily, I don’t have many useless item, because my sister took me to register.  I would highly recommend all mommies-to-be go with a mom who knows what she’s doing.  Those stores can be daunting!!” (Meg)


3) “I think when I was registering for items, I tried not to get things that I thought were completely ridiculous- like a wipe warmer!?!? I do remember people saying don’t even bother getting the matching Pottery Barn quilt, because when can a baby actually sleep with a quilt?? But, I think it’s funny that everyone will have a different answer because we all used different things. I think something you do not need is any sort of fancy or nice outfit for a newborn or even the next size up. People gave me so many nice newborn clothes, and all I ever dressed him in for the first few months were sleepers and onesies. That’s all you need. I felt bad Chase never even wore some of these outfits people gave him, but they are just so unnecessary” (Patty).


4) “Baby shoes- I didn’t register for these, but we ended up getting at least 6 pairs of newborn shoes. Which is really great for those long walks outside that your two-week-old takes in order to give you some peace and quiet at home?!? Never used a single pair” (Molly).


5) “I registered for over half-a-dozen Avent bottles, and I received all of them- awesome and so nice of the gift givers! Excitedly, I washed them right away, so they were ready to go. When we began bottle feeding, the Avent didn’t work for Ford. I had a bunch of bottles that didn’t work- shoot. After a few other recommended tries, we settled on the long Dr. Browns, which he still uses today. If I did it again, I’d buy bottles or register for bottles, but not so many. I felt wasteful with excess bottles that we didn’t use. We ended up sanitizing and donating to Crisis Nursery in St. Louis”  (Lauren).


6) “Stuffed animals. We have tons and never use them” (Koehler).


7) “Teepee Pee Pees.  As I’m at home with our newborn, I send my husband out to get some clothes, because we didn’t find out the sex before the delivery. It was an incredible experience to find out the sex of the baby the day of, and I wouldn’t change it for the world,  but it left a lot of clothes to buy. During dad’s first outing sans mama, he comes back with two packs of four teepee peepees. These not only don’t stay on during changing, they soak up the pee so quickly it runs down their leg. Don’t buy them. Use a washcloth and a washable changing pad” (Ashley).


8) “Our two bathtubs-kitchen sink works just as well when they are really tiny” (Gina).


9) “All the breast milk storage bags and plastic wear storage. I unfortunately never made enough milk to need all of these items, so they are sitting in Harrison’s dresser collecting dust. I also wish I never registered for nipple shields, your nurse will give you one if there is an issue at the hospital. I thought I was so smart registering for the same things my friend did who was delivering before me…I knew nothing about how difficult breastfeeding was going to be” (Ashley).

knee pads

10) “Knee pads for new crawlers. I was so worried that Brody would bruise up his little knee caps navigating himself around on the hardwood floors.  So what to do, I run out to Buy Buy Baby and purchase a manly man pair of Bears knee pads.  I was so excited that I would be protecting him as he explored the house with his new-found freedom.  Ha, not so much! They kept sliding down and actually made it hard for him to crawl.  So moral of the story, there are way to many gadgets out there that are unnecessary for a new tot” (Shawna).