Breastfeeding in Public

by Julie

breastfeeding in public cartoon

After about three months, I was feeling pretty confident about breastfeeding. That’s right…it took me three months to get there. Anyway, I was becoming very aware of women who would breastfeed in public-whether it was at the park after a workout class, at a mommy group meeting, or simply at dinner-I wanted to be those women. “They are so relaxed and confident,” I’d think to myself. I wanted to break out of the bathroom at Nordstrom and the car where I constantly hid to feed Will. My mind was set, I was determined to be a laid-back, public breastfeeder.

I put on a button up shirt, packed my nursing cover-up and headed to our favorite neighborhood spot with my husband and Will. I wasn’t taking the easy route. “We’ll have a table outside'” I told the hostess. She sat us right by the front door.

After we placed our order, I whispered to my husband, “I’m going to breastfeed Will right here, right now”. He laughed and said, “ok”. Awkwardly, I put on the coverup, and positioned my diaper bag on my lap. I hadn’t bought the travel boppy yet, which by the way, was the best purchase ever. Beads of sweat started to form on my forehead, and I suddenly felt like my face was on fire. “Ok, I’m ready. Hand him to me,” I said to my husband. The process lasted about five minutes. “This isn’t working,” I said, hoping my husband would have the perfect answer. “Then stop,” he replied. My face sunk, he was right. I felt like an idiot, and an amateur.

I got over it quickly, and went back to hiding in department store bathrooms and the backseat of my car. I guess it’s not for everyone, but Jenna Wolfe on the Today Show sure makes it look easy.