I Want a Baby Yesterday

by Julie

Hot tub cartoon picture

From the moment I said, “I do” I was ready for a baby. My husband was not quite as anxious, but eventually he caved. Ignorantly, I thought I would go off birth control and get pregnant that month. “So and so got pregnant right away,” I told my husband. Well, that was not the case for us.

It’s embarrassing to admit now, but my world started to revolve around getting pregnant. Therefore, I tried to control everything in my power that would aid in bringing us a baby. One of those things was eliminating the hot tub from my husband’s nightly routine. You see, we use to live in a high-rise, and a hot tub was one of the awesome amenities. “You’ll burn up all of your sperm,” I begged him. He grudgingly agreed, and I was convinced this would make a difference.

Now over a year later, I came across this video on CNN. My husband can now say, “I told you so,” but I still don’t know if I’m entirely convinced.